Weather Kids Campaign takes centre stage for World Meteorological Day

21 March 2024

The World Meteorological Organization has joined with the UN Development Programme and the Weather Company on a new Weather Kids campaign with weather forecasts from the future to mobilize climate action today on behalf of future generations.

The campaign features children from around the world reading a fictitious – but scientifically-based – weather forecast. It was launched ahead of World Meteorological Day on 23 March which takes the theme At the Frontline of Climate Action

The young TV meteorologists warn viewers that rising temperatures will continue to bring more of the catastrophic risks to people and the global economy, including a projected impact on 94% of the world’s children, threats to food security and a potential rise in taxpayers’ bills globally of trillions of US Dollars. 

The segment ends with a powerful plea from the children: “It’s not just a weather report to us. It is our future.” The campaign provides a link for adults to sign a pledge to act through voting, making financial decisions that align with sustainability, and educating themselves on climate solutions and climate action in their own country.