WMO executes operations in 6 regions through the WMO Regional Associations and the work of their subsidiary bodies with specific outputs and activities at the regional level. They  coordinate meteorological, hydrological, climatological and related activities of their Members, with the support of the WMO Regional and Representative Offices.

A map of the world with different regions.
WMO Regional Associations

WMO’s Member Services and Development department (MSD) and its Regional and Representative Offices (RROs) support the six WMO regional associations to provide support and coordination for its Members. The RROs are the organization’s “front-line” and constitute a two-way communication between Members and the Secretariat. The core functions of RROs are:  

  • To support the Regional Associations;
  • To represent and enhance the visibility of the Secretariat in the Region;
  • To facilitate regional information sharing, support NMHS development, and promote cooperation; and
  • To provide administration and logistical support.

The RROs also facilitate expert assistance across the service delivery value chain, particularly for Developing and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Island Territories.  The RROs also build partnerships with relevant regional and sub-regional organizations, inter-governmental and economic groupings, based on regional needs.

WMO Members attending EC-76 session at WMO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
WMO Members
WMO Members work together to improve the accuracy and reliability of weather forecasts, warnings, and services to protect life and property. WMO Members play a crucial role in the global efforts to improve our understanding and management of weather and climate-related risks, and to build a more sustainable and resilient future.