Bulletin: WMO leadership for a sustainable future

11 June 2024

The new WMO Bulletin: WMO leadership for a sustainable future focuses on  interviews and articles  highlighting Secretary-General Celeste Saulo's commitment for the years ahead. 

“Equipping each and every state and region to carry out effective, tailored-to-context strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation that promote sustainable development and reduce disaster risks is a priority,” writes the Secretary-General in the foreword.

“It is the clear mandate of WMO to take a lead in this area and together with those who share this common goal much can be achieved: sustainable development for all. WMO is well-placed to take on this leadership,” writes Celeste Saulo.

The Bulletin was released to support discussions at WMO’s Executive Council meeting from 10 to 14 June.

Articles include: 

The WMO Bulletin is published twice per year.