The Secretariat

A woman smiling in front of a flag.
Prof. Celeste Saulo, Secretary-General, WMO

The WMO Secretariat, headquartered in Geneva, is headed by the Secretary-General. Together with the Deputy Secretary-General and the Assistant Secretary-General, they make up the Executive Management.

The WMO Secretary-General is responsible for the overall technical and administrative work of the Secretariat. She/he manages this function through delegation of authority to the Deputy Secretary-General and the Assistant Secretary-General. The Secretary-General appoints all the Secretariat staff, including the Deputy Secretary-General and the Assistant Secretary-General, in accordance with regulations established by the World Meteorological Congress, and with the approval of the Executive Council.

The Secretary-General is appointed by the Congress for a four-year term, with a maximum tenure of 8 years.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of Senior Directors who meet once a month to discuss overall progress towards achieving departmental targets and organizational objectives and goals. The Senior Management Team of Directors signs annual compacts, which function as accountability documents, to ensure delivery on the Organization's high-level objectives.

Other Offices

Public-Private Engagement Office

The Public-Private Engagement (PPE) Office promotes greater collaboration among stakeholders in the public, private and academic sectors as well as civil society entities towards providing better services to governments, diverse business players, and the public.

The Open Consultative Platform, launched by WMO in 2019, aims to stimulate and fortify dialogue in the weather, climate, and water enterprise to address common issues. The Platform provides a forum for members to engage in inclusive, constructive and beneficial consultation.

For more information: Partnerships.

Internal Oversight Office

The Internal Oversight Office (IOO) provides an independent, objective verification of financial, administrative and operational activities of WMO.

For more information: Internal Oversight Office.

Ethics Office

The ethics services are now provided by the UN Ethics Office.

They can be reached via their contact page.