Togo Hydromet and Early Warning Services

CREWS resources contribute to improvement of the Government of Togo’s early warning services for drought, flooding and other severe climate and weather events by enhancing the capacities of national services in charge of: i) meteorology and climate; ii) hydrology; iii) civil protection. CREWS resources supports provision of scientific and technical expertise as well as capacity development among stakeholders and communities involved in early warning (national services, population in areas prone to floods and agricultural drought, etc.)


The objective of the project is to support the strengthening of national capacity to deliver climate, hydrometeorological and early warning services in selected sectors and communities.


The project is structured around two main components:

Component A: Strengthening hydrological and meteorological services

  • Provision of scientific and technical advice to the national meteorological and hydrological service
  • Support to climate watch service for enhanced seasonal and subseasonal forecasting and decision support for agriculture 
  • Support to the development of a capacity building plan 
  • Support the design and carrying out of piloting products from early warning systems for flood and food security
  • Capacity assessment, strategic development and business development plan for integrated hydromet service

Component B: Civil protection, emergency management, disaster risk reduction, community support and last-mile service delivery 

  • Support the design and carrying out piloting products for early warning services 
  • Support for development of national operational procedures for multi-hazard warnings
  • Institutional support and training in contingency planning of ANPC and other civil protection stakeholders, including simulation exercises with selected communities 
US$ 1 100 000.00
WMO Strategic Priority:
  • Disaster Risk Reduction