DRC Strengthening Hydro-Meteorological and Early Warning Services

This project supports a larger project being carried out by GEF and GFDRR.


The main objective of DRC Project is to improve the quality of the Government of the DRC’s hydro-meteorological and early warning services through:  

  • Improvement of weather forecasts disseminated through different media, including television, radio, and internet
  • Improvement of agro-meteorological information services
  • Improvement of extreme weather warnings (mostly in urban areas and along fluvial navigation channels) 
  • Enhancement of aviation services 
  • Development of capacities among stakeholders involved in early warning (civil protection, selected, Municipal   Councils, population   in   areas   prone   to   flash-floods, navigation services for severe weather forecasting in large lakes). 


The project is structured around three main components:

Component A: Institutional and regulatory strengthening, capacity building and implementation support 

Component B: Modernization of equipment, facilities and infrastructure for basic observation and forecasting 

Component C: Improvement of hydromet information service delivery 

There are three main expected outcomes:

  • NMHS' service delivery improved including development of impact-based capacity and tailored information for risk management
  • Long-term development plans for NMHSs, including the need for system interoperability at the national and regional levels  
  • Targeted education and public awareness programmes available for warning systems and related public action 
WMO Strategic Priority:
  • Disaster Risk Reduction