Distance Learning course "Interoperable Data Exchange in Hydrology" in Spanish

06 November 2023

18 September – 10 November 2023, Online 

The WMO HydroHub recognizes that data sharing is often prevented by the lack of knowledge about basic ICT and readily available data exchange standards, WMO regulations and tools. To close this knowledge gap and contribute to the advancement of hydrological data exchange worldwide, the WMO HydroHub has developed and carries out the Distance Learning course "Interoperable Data Exchange in Hydrology".

The Distance Learning course is aimed at: 

  1. Raising awareness regarding the importance of international exchange, use and reuse of hydrological data; 
  2. Addressing gaps in the knowledge and technical expertise related to data sharing; 
  3. Introducing and describing the functionalities and implementation processes of the WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS)

The course is centred upon 13 required distance learning lessons and structured in four modules. Students are required to complete four online quizzes, one after completing each module. The course also includes one live webinar to be attended via Zoom at the start of the course, as well as weekly online communications with course instructors and fellow students. The live sessions and online communication allow students to ask questions, share their regional issues and experiences, and learn more deeply by discussing the course content with their peers and instructors. In addition to mastering the course content, students are required to complete a final assignment. Successfully completing the course assignment and the online quizzes for each module will earn the students a certificate of completion. 

2023 Edition in Spanish 

In 2023, the WMO Distance Learning course "Interoperable Data Exchange in Hydrology" was carried out in Spanish from 18 September to 10 November, with 55 enrolled participants from 15 Spanish-speaking countries.

Final Report