WMO co-hosts Global Energy Interconnection Conference

18 October 2023

Representatives of nearly 300 organizations from more than 40 countries attended the 2023  Global Energy Interconnection Conference from 25-27 September in Beijing, China to address important topics such as clean development, power interconnection, technological innovation, and policy coordination.

The World Meteorological Organization and the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), a non-profit international organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy worldwide, were co-hosts of the event.

WMO Assistant Secretary-General Dr Wenjian Zhang addressed a thematic session titled ”Energy Meteorology Synergy Development,” organized with the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) National Climate Centre (NCC) and GEIDCO to promote the integration of energy and meteorology and facilitate in-depth exchanges in the areas of science, technology, policy, and processes.

A group of people are sitting at a table in front of a large screen.
Delegates at renewable energy conference in China - September 2023

This session successfully emphasized the synergy development and collaboration between energy and meteorology as the way to develop a new clean energy future.  

“The World Meteorological Organization is increasing its efforts to promote customized weather and climate information services oriented to new energy and support countries in their transition to renewable energy. Meteorological services can make a big difference,” said Dr Zhang.

The WMO "State of Climate Services: Energy" report in 2022, emphasized that energy is at the core of responding to the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and achieving the Paris Agreement. WMO also recently published "Integrated weather and climate services to support the net-zero energy transition,” to provide guidance and best practice examples of weather and climate services in the energy sector.

As the scale of clean energy continues to expand in China, wind and solar power generation relies heavily on high-precision meteorological support.  The China Meteorological Administration plays a critical role in monitoring, analyzing, and providing essential information regarding weather, climate, and environmental conditions. This information is invaluable for various sectors, including energy, and it underpins the foundation of a sustainable and resilient energy future in China.

A group of people posing for a picture at an event.
Group photo of Delegates at renewable energy conference in China - Sept 23

Especially when frequent extreme weather events pose challenges to energy supply, the CMA's early warning systems provide crucial information to help the energy sector prepare for and respond to such disasters, minimizing potential damages and service interruptions. The CMA's weather forecasts, long-term climate predictions, and disaster early warning systems are vital for energy providers to anticipate and manage potential disruptions due to extreme weather events, such as typhoons, heavy rainfall, or droughts.

“WMO is committed to gathering China’s expertise and best practices in energy and meteorology synergy development and sharing the knowledge with other Members, especially those with limited capacity in delivering energy services. By providing accurate and timely information, WMO plays a central role in enabling Members' energy sector to adapt to evolving challenges and transition towards a more sustainable energy future,” said Dr Zhang.

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