WMO Information Day for Commercial Satellite Data Providers

(Europe/Zurich: 17 January 2023, 11:00 - 16:00)
Past event

Geneva, Switzerland


After a recent CubeSat revolution in satellite technology, there are nowadays several private companies operating fleets of satellites providing Earth observation data. These datasets contribute with high impact to NWP and to many other applications. Therefore, the WMO Space Programme under the WMO Open Consultative Platform (OCP) wants to organize an information day for private companies providing Earth observation satellite data to engage with WMO and HMEI. Most importantly we want to introduce the WMO Unified Data Policy and how it relates to private sector data together with presentations on the WMO Information System and WMO Integrated Global Observing System. The OCP, established at the 18th World Meteorological Congress in 2019, serves as an open, constructive, and participatory framework for addressing the grand challenges of the global weather enterprise. Since February 2020, a series of WMO's OCP Innovation Seminars have provided opportunities to public, private, academic, and civil sectors to share innovative practices and ideas. 
We expect these Seminars to contribute to further engagement among these sectors for even better meteorological services to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change mitigation, and disaster risk reduction. 

Event Details

Date: 17 Jan 2023 

Venue: Online





Tatsuya Kimura standing in front of WMO flag.
Tatsuya Kimura, Director, Public-Private Engagement Office
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A man in glasses sitting in front of a globe.
Kennet Holmlund, Ph.D., Head of Space Systems and Utilization Division, Department of Infrastructure, WMO Secretariat
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Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson, OTT Hydromet, HMEI Representative
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A man wearing glasses and a blue lanyard.
Heikki Pohjola, Scientific Officer, WMO Space Program, Department of Infrastructure, WMO Secretariat
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