Inaugural session of the Third Pole Climate Forum (TPCF 1) and meeting of Third Pole Regional Climate Centre Network (TPRCC-Network)

(UTC: 04 June 2024, 01:00 - 06 June 2024, 09:00)
Past event

古城区, China

A remarkable progress has been made towards the launch of a demonstration phase of the Third Pole Regional Climate Centre – Network (TPRCC-Network) to provide climate services to the Member countries of the region and organize TPCF as one of its flagship activities. Furthermore, RAII at its 17th session encouraged the Members to initiate TPCF focused on cryosphere products with support of TPRCC-Network. Following the recommendations of the Scoping Workshop on the establishment of Third Pole Climate Forum, it has been proposed to organize the TPCF in June 2024. The Inaugural session of TPCF back-to-back with the meeting of TPRCC-Network Task Team will be held on 4-6 June 2024, co-organized by WMO and Beijing Climate Centre (BCC), China Meteorological Administration (CMA) under WMO general guidance and support. The demonstration phase of TPRCC-Network will be officially launched at high level session of TPCF.