Early Warnings for All in focus: a rapid assessment of country monitoring and forecasting capacity

Past event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WMO will release an analytical brief that presents the results of the monitoring and forecasting (Pillar 2) Rapid Assessment conducted among the 30 priority countries of the UN Secretary General’s Early Warnings for All Initiative. It will further feature an interactive Early Warnings for All Dashboard displaying global statistics, pillar metrics and baseline data on the countries’ capacities.  

WMO representatives will present the findings of the Rapid Assessment, including the priority hazards identified by the 30 National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and the baseline capacity established along seven elements of the hydrometeorological value chain.

Directors of NMHS will provide country examples of existing gaps and the need for a hazard-specific approach to addressing them. A representative of development institutions will speak of the need for data-driven capacity assessments and how the Rapid Assessment results will inform the design of projects and targeted investments in the framework of the Early Warnings for All Initiative.  



Elena Manaenkova, Deputy Secretary-General, WMO
Elena Manaenkova, Former Deputy Secretary-General, WMO
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A woman in a red jacket smiling in front of a flag.
Assia Alexieva, Chief of Monitoring, Evaluation, Risk and Planning Office, Cabinet of the Secretary-General, WMO
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A man in a suit and tie sitting at a desk.
Fetene Teshome, President of WMO RAI (Africa)
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A woman in glasses is smiling in front of a map.
Nirivololona Raholijao, Director General of the NMHS of Madagascar; Permanent Representative of Madagascar with WMO
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A woman in a pink shirt is posing for a photo.
Arlene Laing, Coordinating Director of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization and Permanent Representative of the British Caribbean Territories with WMO
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A man in a purple jacket and white shirt.
James Kinyangi, Coordinator, Climate and Development Special Fund (CDSF) at the African Development Bank
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