Early Warnings for All: early implementation for early action

(Asia/Dubai: 10 December 2023, 16:45 - 17:45)
Past event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UN SG requests the implementation of the Early Warnings for All initiative within 5 years. WMO resolution approved in Congress No.19 in May 2023 calls for alignment of (bilateral, multilateral) financing mechanisms with innovative arrangements incl. PPE business model across the Early Warning – Early Action value cycle. 

At the same time, the private sector is also actively engaged in finding ways for timely, effective, and sustainable implementation of Early Warnings for All. 

The discussion will include a summary of UN agencies' ongoing steps on the initiative, a presentation of innovative PPE (DBO Design Build Operate) business models by the private sector, and main expectations on the ground by eligible countries. It will then focus on how the main players (UN agencies, public sector, private sector, and development partners) can join forces and engage in such innovative arrangements. It will also include the pros and cons of regional vs national approaches for maximizing the effectiveness and sustainability of the projects. 

Challenges and opportunities of the WMO-ITU segment of the value chain. 

  • How to build a trusting relationship with the private sector 

  • Mass dissemination is not the focus of NMHSs 

  • Cost efficiency/optimization of the investments



Cyrille Honoré standing in front of WMO flag.
Cyrille Honoré, Director, Disaster Risk Reduction, MHEWS Office and Public Services Branch
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A bald man in a white shirt and tie.
Patrick Benichou, President, Météo-France International
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A man wearing glasses and a white shirt.
Bapon Fakhruddin, Water Resources Management Senior Specialist, Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Climate Fund (GCF)
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A photo of a woman in a suit and tie.
Esline Garabaeti, Director General, Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteorology, Geo-Hazards, Environment, Energy and Disaster Management, Vanuatu
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A man in a suit and tie is standing in front of a window.
Adérito Celso Félix Aramuge Aramuge, General Director, National Institute of Meteorology of Mozambique
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A woman in a black suit and white shirt.
Loretta Hieber Girardet, Chief, Risk Knowledge, Monitoring and Capacity-Development Branch, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
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