Communicating around early warnings: challenges and opportunities

(Asia/Dubai: 09 December 2023, 10:15 - 11:15)
Past event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The motivational gap hindering effective climate action is a complex interplay of psychological and collective factors. It involves reconciling awareness with action, often impeded by habits and mindset shifts. Understanding how values might influence climate-related decisions will help communicate more efficiently to the populations around the issuance of early warnings in the context of extreme events and inform effective policies. 

Social media is an active actor and vector of communication not only around but also more and more on the delivery of early warnings. How can we connect the two? And what can big techs bring to the table?  

Children and traditional societies are important and key motivational actors in their communities. Educating them on extreme weather events, how they develop and how to protect from them is also an important component of acceptance. 

Finally, disinformation can hinder and lower significantly the acceptance of early warnings and early action, leading to dramatic situations. How can we improve the communication on extreme weather events and prevent the development of disinformation? Communicating about the work of all actors around early warnings is key, not only during natural hazards but also before, during and after. 

This event will explore ways to develop better communication around early warnings in the media, on social media and in society in general.

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