WMO Internships

WMO is looking for talented, motivated, and passionate interns from around the world who want to bring their innovative ideas, unique experiences, and personal curiosity to our organization.

The WMO Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates a wide range of opportunities and experience in various fields and activities to help forge a foundation for their future careers. 

Interns work in a number of fields, spanning meteorology, climatology, operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences, as well as in public international administration.

The Internship Programme has agreements with universities and academic institutions specializing in areas relevant to WMO activities and Programmes. This collaboration contributes to the mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise. 

What kind of interns are we looking for?

We are looking for talented students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds.

Our interns can specialize in various professional fields within the organization, including:

  • Meteorology
  • Climatology
  • Operational hydrology
  • Scientific research
  • Project management
  • Information technology
  • Communications and marketing
  • Policy
  • Legal
  • Business

Am I eligible for an internship?

The WMO Internship Programme is open to all students and recent graduates who:

  • Are interested in an area related to WMO's core activities
  • Are students approaching the end of their studies and preparing a thesis
  • Are students who need an internship to complete their studies
  • Have recently graduated and are between the age of 21 and 35 years old
  • Have less than two years of relevant work experience
  • Hold a scholarship for an internship placement in an international organization
  • Are sponsored by a governmental/non-governmental entity such as an NGO
  • Are sponsored by academic institutions to work in specific areas within WMO

What skills should I have?

You will need to be able to adapt to an international, multicultural and multilingual environment. You must have good communication skills and be able to work effectively within a team.

Working knowledge of English (both oral and written) is essential. Knowledge of a second UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) is desirable. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Interns recruited in Geneva will receive a stipend of CHF 1 500 per month.
  • Interns recruited to serve in the WMO Regional/Sub-Regional Offices will receive a 10% Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for 30 days per month.
  • Interns who are working remotely will receive a stipend of CHF 300 per month.
  • If funded by a member state or university, the allowance rate follows the policy of the sending entity.


  • Interns are employed for a minimum of three months to a maximum of 12 months. 

Annual Leave

  • Interns earn 2.5 days of leave per month through the duration of their internship
  • Any unused annual leave is not compensated at the end of the internship.


  • All interns based outside of Switzerland are covered by CIGNA Insurance for Sickness and Accidents. CIGNA enrollment and fees are covered by WMO.
  • For all interns based in Switzerland, health and accident insurance is mandatory. Interns are recommended to subscribe to Swisscare for Sickness and Accident insurance. Enrollment in the insurance plan is done by the Intern. WMO covers the expense by adding the insurance cost to the Intern's monthly stipend.
  • Interns who are recruited locally may already be insured by another policy and can opt-out of being covered by Swisscare.
  • Interns based in all WMO duty stations are covered by the WMO Benefits insurance Plan and the WMO Malicious Act Insurance Policy (MAIP).
  • In the exceptional event that an intern is requested to travel for work, they will be covered by Accident and Illness insurance.