Predicting Tropical Cyclone Mocha in the Bay of Bengal

12 June 2024
On 14 May 2023, Tropical Cyclone (TC) Mocha made landfall in Myanmar and impacted Bangladesh. During part of its track, the cyclone was one of the strongest ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal. Significant evacuations were conducted ahead of the cyclone.

The WMO Coordination Mechanism (WCM) supports the Early Warnings for All initiative in its ambitious goal to protect everyone with early warnings by 2027. Alongside improvements in early warning systems, risk information, communication, and the capacities of organizations to respond, enhanced coordination to leverage the best knowledge and expertise is required to enable humanitarian organizations to translate early warnings into early action.

We've made great progress in saving lives through better warnings and preparedness. A textbook example is Tropical Cyclone Mocha, which hit Myanmar and Bangladesh in May 2023. Impacting the most vulnerable populations, accurate forecasts at both regional and national levels, and coordinated efforts via the WCM empowered UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies to take anticipatory action three days before landfall. This saved countless lives. Compared to a similar event that happened decades ago, the effectiveness, especially in saving lives, was extraordinarily improved. WMO aims to facilitate global cooperation in providing hydrometeorological services and information. The Early Warnings for All initiative is central to this mission, a vital hope in a world increasingly vulnerable to climate-related hazards.