Abdulla Al Mandous

Abdulla Al Mandous was elected by the Nineteenth World Meteorological Congress in 2023 for a four-year term beginning immediately after the closure of the Congress-19. This is his first term as President of WMO.

Dr Abdulla Al Mandous is currently the Director General of the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) (since 2022) and Permanent Representative of United Arab Emirates with WMO since 2008.

Dr Al Mandous previously served as Executive Director of the NCM from 2008-2022. During this time, he has been actively engaged in many WMO, international and national activities including: 

  • President of the Regional Association for Asia (2017-2023)
  • Member of WMO’s Executive Council
  • Chair of the Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC 47 & 48)
  • Member of the Permanent Committee for Meteorology of the League of Arab States
  • Member of the Gulf Cooperation Council on Meteorology
  • Expert Member in WMO WWRP's Weather Modification
  • Lead of UAE Rain Enhancement Programme
  • Board Member of UAEA University
  • Academic Member & Partner in UAE Poly Technique for Meteorology
  • Member of the National Crisis and Emergency Management Committee

Dr Al Mandous began his four-year term Presidency immediately after the closure the Nineteenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg-19) in May 2023.

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