GSMA Early Warning System's Contribution

26 May 2023

The GSMA is a global organization that unifies the mobile ecosystem and welcomes the opportunity to help realize the Secretary General’s ambition of everyone in the world being protected by an early warning system. 

95% of the world’s population is covered by a mobile network and there are 5.4 billion unique mobile subscribers globally. Mobile is therefore central to the delivery of early warning messages. 

Mobile network operators globally disseminate warnings through cell broadcast or SMS and prepare for, and respond to disasters, by coordinating with first responders and governments. 

The GSMA will play an ambitious and active role in realising the ambition of the Early Warnings for All Initiative by engaging mobile network operators around the world, particularly those in the initiative’s target countries – to ensure they are engaged in efforts at the country level. 

GSMA will conduct research on cell broadcast and risk communications and highlight the initiative through its global events. 

GSMA will continue to build public-private partnerships between mobile network operators and other important stakeholders such as national level meteorological and hydrological organizations. 

GSMA looks forward to continuing to work together to realise this important collective ambition.

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  • Kimberly Brown, GSMA Head of Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation