High-Level Regional Forum linked to the Open Consultative Platform in the Regional Association VI (Europe)

(Europe/Zurich: 03 November 2022, 11:00 - 17:00)
Past event

Geneva, Switzerland

The flyer for the high level regional forum of the open cooperation platform v.


In 2019 WMO Congress endorsed Resolution 79: Open Consultative Platform "PARTNERSHIP AND INNOVATION FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF WEATHER AND CLIMATE INTELLIGENCE" through which Members agreed that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) should continue to play a central role in facilitating the dialogue between the public, private and academic sectors. Also, regional associations are requested to stimulate informal consultation with stakeholders from all sectors, across the value chain, to analyze and build an understanding of sub-regional and regional circumstances in public-private engagement, including legal frameworks that govern PPE and provide regional inputs through the Open Consultative Platform (OCP). 


Sharing stakeholders' perspectives and involving public, private, and academic sectors of the RA VI in: 

  • Discussing region VI-specific issues, opportunities, and initiatives for leveraging cooperation and collaboration between sectors that enhance the socio-economic benefits of weather and climate services. 
  • Learning about the status of the RA VI members in the implementation of the WMO Guidelines for PPE: Challenges and opportunities, showcases, and discussions on how the future infrastructure for data processing and earth system forecast should be built with multiple-sector partners. 
  • Having a dialogue with a focus on the evolving roles of NMHSs and other stakeholders. 

Event Name:

High-Level Regional Forum of the Open Consultative Platform in the Regional Association VI (Europe) 

Date and Time 

3 November 2022, day 2 of the RECO VI Meeting 


Hybrid event: 

  • Physical participation at Salle Obasi, WMO Building in Geneva Switzerland.  Please email ppe@wmo.int to register and fill out the registration form. 
  • Virtual participation on Zoom




For any queries, please contact: ppe@wmo.int