Towards resilient energy transition in a changing climate

(Asia/Dubai: 05 December 2023, 18:00 - 19:00)
Past event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Climate change is reshaping our global energy systems significantly, bringing up vulnerabilities across the entire supply chain of the energy sector, urging to take decisive measures to enhance the resilience and security of energy systems

The session provides a discussion grounded in climate science; to understand how climate change impacts the energy sector in different regions. Timely and reliable weather, water and climate data and services are crucial for making decisions to mitigate the climate risks for the energy sector. 

In this context, different initiatives will be presented.  A collaborative initiative, led by CDRI with contributions from WMO, IEA, UNECE, and other partners on the development of an early warning system mechanism for hydropower infrastructures, UNECE-led initiative on informed decision-making for resilient energy systems, and Climate READi initiative by EPRI. IEEE will share the academic insights, while DWD will bring some national perspectives on challenges and opportunities for a rapid and resilient energy transition.  ADB will be offering insights into finance and investment strategies for a climate-resilient energy transition in Asia. 

In conclusion, this side event offers a strategic platform for engaging with key stakeholders in the realm of energy transition. The primary objective is to foster discussion from diverse solutions, with a particular focus on adaption strategies, including early warning systems for energy. These dialogues are expected to provide insights that will shape the agendas of key stakeholders in promoting an energy transition that prioritizes both climate and disaster resilience, and the event could mark the beginning of a series of discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions on this critical topic.



Roberta Boscolo standing in front of a united nations flag.
Roberta Boscolo, Climate and Energy Lead, WMO
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Tobias Fuchs in a suit and tie smiling.
Tobias Fuchs, Member of the Board of Directors, German meteorological service (DWD)
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A man wearing a white shirt and tie.
Pablo Hevia-Koch, Acting Head, Unit of the Renewable Integration and Secure Electricity unit, IEA
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Amit Prothi in a business suit smiling in front of a window.
Amit Prothi, Director General, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
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Katie Jereza in a business suit.
Katie Jereza, Corporate Vice President (CVP) of Corporate Affairs at EPRI
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Brianna Lazerwitz smiling in front of lights.
Brianna Lazerwitz, Energy, Economics and Environmental Analyst, International Atomic Energy Agency
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A woman in a sari standing in front of a poster.
Aishwarya Pillai, Lead, Learning Initiatives and Publications Unit at the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
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Saifur Rahman in a suit and tie.
Saifur Rahman, President & CEO, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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Dario Liguti in a suit and tie is posing for a photo.
Dario Liguti, Director, Sustainable Energy, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
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A man in a suit smiles for the camera.
Arghya Sinha Roy, Principal Climate Change Specialist, Asian Development Bank
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