Takahiro Konami

Work Experience

4/2000 Joined Ministry of Construction (MOC)

4/2008 Director, River Planning Office, Tohoku Regional Development Bureau, MLIT

7/2009 Deputy Director, Regional Revitalization Bureau / Urban Renaissance Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat of Japan

7/2011 Deputy Director, River Improvement and Management Office, Water and Disaster Management Bureau, MLIT

4/2013 Director for International Cooperation, Overseas Project Division, MLIT

6/2015 Programme Specialist, Division of Water Science, Natural Science Sector, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) *Seconded by the Government of Japan

10/2017 Deputy Director, National Land Management Office, MLIT

4/2018 Director, Fukushima River and National Highway Office, MLIT

7/2020 Director for International Cooperation and Projects, MLIT

6/2021 Chief Researcher and Director, Public Works Management Policy Group, Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering

4/2023 Director, International Affairs Office, Water and Disaster Management Bureau, MLIT

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