Mahamat Abakar Assouyouti

Mahamat, a Chadian national, joined the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat in September 2019 as a Senior Climate Change Specialist. 

Mahamat worked for more than 12 years in the field of environment, climate change and sustainable development. He comes from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as an Operations Coordinator at the Office of the Executive Director where he supported the refinement of the project review cycle as well as the internal reorganization of the Fund. Mahamat also worked for more than 7 years with the Climate Change and Environment Division of the African development Bank and as GEF coordinator for 3 years. 

Previous positions include Investment Officer with the AfDB Private Sector Department and Project Officer with the French Development Agency (AFD). He holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Auvergne University (France), a postgraduate from Bradford University (UK) in Investment Appraisal and Project Management and is a fellow of the Adaptation Finance Program of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management/IDRC.

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