China Climate Bulletin 2023 is rolled out

08 February 2024

On February 7, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) rolled out the China Climate Bulletin 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the Bulletin), which provides a comprehensive analysis of the basic climate condition in China in 2023, a status of the climate system monitoring, and a list of major meteorological disasters and extreme weather and climate events. In addition, the Bulletin makes a general assessment of the impact of climate on various sectors, the environment and human health, among others.

According to the Bulletin, in 2023, China's climate was characterized by an obviously warm and dry pattern, leading to waterlogging and drought in particular. The national average temperature was the highest on record, the precipitation the second lowest since 2012, while the national average number of precipitation days the second lowest on record.

In terms of temperature, the national average in 2023 registered 10.71°C, 0.82°C higher than usual and the highest ever since 1951. The national average number of hot days was 4.4 days more than usual, the second most since 1961.

In terms of precipitation, the national average in 2023 recorded 615.0 mm, 3.9% less than usual and the second lowest since 2012.

The Bulletin was prepared by the National Climate Centre (NCC).

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