Just Launched: Hydrology Dashboard

28 March 2022

The Dashboard on Hydrological Observations, Forecasting and the Governance of National Hydrological Services (NHSs) provides valuable information on operational hydrological  services worldwide collected through the WMO Global Hydrological Survey in 2020.


The WMO HydroHub in collaboration with other WMO divisions, has designed and conducted a Global Hydrology Survey to collect information on governmental and non-governmental organizations that are responsible for operational hydrology within countries, their capabilities, structure, hydrological networks, data-management and hydrological forecasting characteristics. In 2020, 101 WMO Members completed the WMO Hydrology Survey. Based on the Members' responses, the Hydrology Dashboard has been developed aiming at presenting and making available to the public valuable information on operational hydrological services worldwide. 

Hydrology Dashboard