Early Warnings for All: Artificial Intelligence to unlock the potential of Early Warning Systems

(Asia/Dubai: 01 December 2023, 18:00 - 19:00)
Past event

United Arab Emirates

The potential of AI to accelerate processes and solve problems is immense. The suite of tools and solutions that fall into the category of “Artificial Intelligence” is very broad and the opportunities, risks and possibilities are not well understood. The Early Warnings for All Initiative emphasizes the use of technology like AI to support the attainment of the objectives of the initiative but does not yet guide the operationalization or implementation of AI solutions in Early Warnings for All.

The objective of this session is to showcase existing use cases and potential applications of AI to produce better disaster risk knowledge, build efficient monitoring, forecasting, and observation systems, improve warning dissemination and communication, and strengthen preparedness and response capabilities. At the same time, participants will also discuss ways of strengthening the Early Warnings for All coherence and linkages between pillars to improve the overall structure of the initiative, as well as the capacity-building aspects to ensure AI solutions are owned and used by the countries.