Early Warnings for All in Africa: implementation of the African Multi-hazards Early Warning and Early Action System

(Asia/Dubai: 06 December 2023, 18:15 - 19:15)
Past event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Substantial increase in frequency, intensity, and impacts of extreme events is reducing economic growth across Africa. The warming trend in Africa is higher than the global average. North Africa recorded a 4-degree-per-century warming rate over the recent few decades. Institutional infrastructure for an early warning under establishment and operationalization in Africa will be presented with discussions to accelerate contributions to anticipatory action saving lives. 

The side event will showcase the operations of the MultiHazards Advisory Centre at the African Center of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD) coordinating preparations of sections of the annual state of climate for Africa each year, developing and using training materials for weather and climate impacts forecasting and warning for meteorological services personnel , supporting the situation room at AUC with disaster situation reports and continental watches to reduce disasters impacts in Africa.  

Through speeches, presentations, remarks, questions and answers , this side event will highlight the achievements of ACMAD, AUC, WMO members and partners on MHEWS. The discussion session will lead to key messages on challenges and opportunities to accelerate early warning and early action to the last mile guiding the ongoing discussions on losses and damages at COP 28 and the review of the key priorities and quick wins in the implementation Plan of the revised African meteorology strategy.  Additional exchanges with the audience will consolidate the messages and conclusions on the MHEWS modernization in Africa. 



Daouda Konate
Daouda Konate, First Vice-President of the WMO
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A man and woman smiling in front of a projection screen.
Marco Massabo, Director of the Programme of Capacity Development for Disaster Resilience and Climate Adaptation at CIMA Research Foundation
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A woman is standing in front of a tree.
Lucy Mtilatila, Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services in Malawi
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A woman wearing glasses and a black jacket.
Benedicte Giæver, Executive Director of NORCAP
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A black man in a suit and tie.
Ahmed Amdihun, Regional Programme Manager for Disaster Risk Management at IGAD's Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC)
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A man in a suit and tie is posing for a photo.
Amjad Abbasha, Chief, United Nations Office For Disaster Risk Reduction, Regional Office For Africa
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