User-provider Webinars and Workshops

User-provider webinars and workshops bring together National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), public and private sectors, and facilitate targeted interactions among them, including for identifying and developing new markets for collaboration.

The WMO HydroHub organizes user-provider webinars and workshops in countries and regions that want to open dialogue between NMHSs and the existing and potential users of their services. The user community targets main actors from public and private sectors that rely on hydrological data for their well-functioning. These may include actors from water resources management, water supply and sanitation, energy, agriculture and fisheries, construction, industry, health, research, defense, disaster risk management, navigation and environmental protection.

Webinar Objectives 

  • Showcase the portfolio of the NMHSs’ data services; 
  • Present the needs and requirements of existing and potential data users; 
  • Showcase any hydrological data collection activities carried out by data users; 
  • Showcase best practices; 
  • Define objectives for the User-Provider Workshop. 

Workshop Objectives 

  • Put forward recommendations for strengthening collaborations/PPEs and feedback mechanisms between NMHSs and data users. 

Detailed workshop objectives are defined based on the outcomes of the User-Provider Webinar.