Capacity and Needs Assessments (CNAs)

The WMO HydroHub facilitates the conduct of Capacity and Needs Assessments in countries where the need is identified, through the following modalities: 

  • Organizational Assessment: to understand the legal and institutional framework of water resource management in the country, identifying the responsible institutions, their mandates and responsibilities;
  • Technical Assessment: to identify the existing gaps across the value chain in the delivery of hydromet products and services, tailored to each institution’s mandate and responsibilities identified in the Organizational Assessment;
  • Staff Competency Assessment: to identify the existing gaps in human resources of the institution (including gender balance and youth) and to create a competency-based capacity development plan (optional).

The main output of the CNAs is the formulation of a national/basin-wide Roadmap for improved hydromet services. Co-developed amongst relevant local partners, these Roadmaps include an outline of a potential implementation plan for enhancing hydrological, meteorological and climatological services in the country and/or region.