Focus Areas

The WMO HydroHub aims at enhancing water monitoring systems worldwide by supporting National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in their hydrological data collection, management and sharing for informed decision-making in all aspects of water resources management.

The WMO HydroHub pursues its goal through different activities, that fall under three main focus areas: 

  • Increasing Capacity: The WMO HydroHub aims at improving the technical expertise of NMHSs' staff, enabling them to sustainably operate hydrometeorological monitoring systems with enhanced data management and sharing capacities. 
  • Operationalizing Innovation: The WMO HydroHub helps NMHSs to continuously develop and innovate their hydrometric approaches and technologies in collaboration with academia and the private sector. In addition, the WMO HydroHub promotes the operational uptake of innovative approaches and technologies at local and national levels. 
  • Optimizing Engagements and Investments: The WMO HydroHub seeks to catalyze development opportunities for NMHSs and the overall hydromet community. This is achieved through strengthened internal and external engagements, knowledge sharing, and communication.