Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops bring together National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), academia, private sector (solution providers) and others, and facilitate targeted interactions among them. 

Innovation Workshops benefit the following actors:

  • NMHSs: to express their operational challenges and needs, as well as discover new approaches and technologies
  • Private sector (solution providers): to tailor their solutions to operational realities
  • Academia: to direct their research towards more pertinent topics 

The WMO HydroHub, together with identified partners, organizes workshops dedicated to innovation, new technologies and citizen science. These workshops are organized in view of bringing academia, entrepreneurs and NMHSs together to exchange on specific requirements from operational contexts to improve technology, manuals and documentation of existing and future solutions. The format of Innovation Workshops vary based on needs, geographical context and cost-effectiveness. To foster continuous dialogue and collaboration, workshops could be followed up by series of webinars and the use of existing digital collaboration platforms.