Knowledge sharing and support for communication tools and platforms

Knowledge sharing and support for communication tools and platforms are intended to benefit the following stakeholders:

  • NMHSs: to increase their visibility as well as learn from each other 
  • Donors: to access information needed for effective investments and evaluation of supported activities 
  • Hydromet Community: to keep track of hydrometric challenges, successes and developments 

To help communities share knowledge, catalyze synergies and foster continuous development, the WMO HydroHub actively disseminates the lessons learnt from its various activities. The WMO Regional Offices are also leveraged through increased communication, dialogue and cooperation in order to better respond to NMHSs needs and requirements. 

To support the optimization of hydromet investments, the WMO HydroHub makes information on governmental and non-governmental hydromet monitoring organizations, and their capabilities, structure and network- and data-sharing characteristics, accessible through the WMO HydroHub website. The information builds on the results of the continuous WMO Hydrology Survey that are analyzed in view of producing key indicators, and information stemming from the Capacity and Needs Assessments (CNAs). Furthermore, the WMO HydroHub catalyzes peer-to-peer connections among hydrometric practitioners with similar interests and challenges by leveraging existing hydrometry online collaboration platforms for dialogue as well as hydrometry-related events.