Celeste Saulo becomes Honorary Member of American Meteorological Society

01 février 2024

WMO Secretary-General Celeste Saulo has become an Honorary Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) – a distinction which recognizes outstanding individuals in the weather, water, and climate community.

Prof. Saulo was awarded the honorary membership at the AMS annual meeting in Baltimore during a week-long visit to the United States to meet top officials from the US government, multilateral development banks and the United Nations. It is her first overseas mission as WMO Secretary-General.

“To be recognized today by AMS is not solely a personal achievement but a symbolic triumph for those hailing from developing countries, where access to opportunities is often a strenuous endeavour. I believe that such recognition transcends borders, barriers and people, serving as a powerful catalyst for change,” she told the awards ceremony.

“As an honorary member, I am hopeful that my journey can inspire young minds from all parts of the world to pursue their passion for meteorology and science at large,” she said.

John Toohey-Morales, a respected atmospheric and environmental scientist and broadcast meteorologist, and Mary Glackin, Chair, Board of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council, were also named Honorary Members – a distinction awarded to just 138 people in the 104-year history of the AMS.

AMS Honorary Members are “persons of acknowledged preeminence in the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences, either through their own contributions to the sciences or their application or through furtherance of the advance of those sciences in some other way.” AMS is widely regarded as a pillar of excellence and as beacon of inspiration for the meteorological and scientific community.

“In the face of the environmental challenges that confront our world, our role as scientists, communicators, and advocates for the planet has never been more crucial. We are the voice of the Earth's atmosphere, bridging the gap between scientific understanding and the well-being of our communities,” Celeste Saulo told the ceremony.

“Throughout my career, from the early days of my scientific exploration to my current role as Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, I have always believed in the strength of our collective mission. This honour, therefore, resonates deeply with me, as it symbolizes the unity and collaborative spirit that is so vital in our quest to understand and protect our ever-changing environment,” she said.

“Therefore, I accept this honour not only on my behalf, but on behalf of the entire meteorological community, whose unwavering passion and expertise drive the essence of our work.”



Celeste Saulo pursued a career in academia before becoming head of the National Meteorological Service of Argentina.  

Her research has been key for better understanding the South American Monsoon System, and the associated patterns of precipitation and circulation during the warm season. In the last few years, she deepened her activity on interdisciplinary problems such as wind energy production, agricultural applications, and early warning systems.

Her vast teaching experience has been mainly related with numerical weather prediction, atmosphere dynamics and thermodynamics, mesoscale meteorology, cloud dynamics and cloud microphysics.

Celeste Saulo is WMO’s first female Secretary-General. Her full biography and speeches can be found on her dedicated page

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