General Service Staff

General Service roles include administrative, secretarial, and clerical support positions. Specialized technical functions such as building maintenance also fall under this category.  

General Service Roles

The work carried out by General Service staff supports the functioning of the Organization and is typically procedural, operational, or technical in nature. 

The work in these categories ranges from routine duties to varied and complex assignments.

Work Experience and Qualifications

What kind of experience do I need?

The key skills and experience required for all roles will be specified in the vacancy notice. For mid-career and senior-level positions, progressively responsible work experience is required. 

The following requirements must be met for General Service jobs:

•    High school diploma or equivalent

•    Minimum age of 18 years

•    Required number of years of work experience relevant to the job and its level, as specified in the job opening

Language Requirements

WMO, as part of the United Nations, has six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. 

Our working languages are English and French, and candidates are required to have an excellent command of one or both languages.