15th Session of Consultative Meetings on High-Level Policy on Satellite Matters (CM-15)

(Europe/Zurich: 06 شباط/ فبراير 2024 - 07 شباط/ فبراير 2024)
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Genève, سويسرا

The primary objective of this meeting is to foster a high-level dialogue between WMO and Space Agencies’ leadership, focusing on WMO’s strategic plans, long-term objectives and the role that space agencies will play in their successful implementation.  In addition, this is an opportunity to highlight the importance of space-based Earth observations and the WMO Space Programme for the new WMO leadership.

Key WMO priority topics of relevance to ‌space agencies include:

  • Updating the WMO Vision of the space-based observing system (WIGOS 2040 Vision);
  • Implementing the WMO Unified Data Policy (Resolution 1 (Cg-Ext(2021))) including defining the core and recommended space-based observations across all application areas;
  • The role of space-based Earth observations to support WMO major strategic priorities: Earth System monitoring and prediction, the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (G3W), and Early Warnings for All (EW4ALL); and
  • Navigating engagement with commercial data providers without undermining the principles of Resolution 1.