Martha Keswick

Martha is a children’s book author renowned for her COPE Disaster Series (( Ranging from Earthquakes to Volcanoes, COPE aims to educate and empower children for disasters, while providing coping tools to foster a practical and imaginative approach to DRR.

COPE partners with institutions such as The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UNICEF, The University of Oxford, and James Cook University to ensure that the key DRR messages are grounded in scientific knowledge. Notably, in 2018, UNDRR commissioned a booklet to commemorate World Tsunami Awareness Day, which first showcased the series’ relevance and impact on a global scale. The COPE books are now disseminated in 35 countries available in 18 languages. 

With a background in English Literature and a deep interest in Chinese Culture, Martha also authored the popular bilingual Max and Mei series (, the action packed Pangu comics and the factual Zhongguo Mingren series. 

Additionally, Martha has made significant contributions through her role on the Keswick Foundation board which supports charitable organizations addressing social needs in China (

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