WMO Performance Assessment Report 2020-2022

The WMO Performance Assessment Report 2020-2022 presents progress on implementation of the Strategic and Operating Plans. Each chapter presents one Long-Term Goal, including highlights of achievements, areas requiring further effort, an account of how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted implementation, and challenges and risks. In addition to at-a-glance data on Key Performance Indicators, the Report provides detailed analysis by focus area, regional comparisons, and a forward perspective on future trends. The results of WMO projects are featured in a dedicated section under each Strategic Objective.

Biennial report short teaser - May 2023

Long-term Goal 1: Better serve societal needs: delivering authoritative, accessible, user-oriented and fit-for-purpose information and services.

 LGT1 report

Long-term Goal 2: Enhance Earth system observations and predictions: strengthening the technical foundation for the future.

LGT2 report

Long-term Goal 3: Advance targeted research: Leveraging leadership in science to improve understanding of the Earth system for enhanced services.

LGT3 report 

Long-term Goal 4: Close the capacity gap on weather, climate, hydrological and related environmental services: Enhancing service delivery capacity of developing countries to ensure availability of essential information and services needed by governments, economic sectors and citizens.

 LGT4 report

Long-term Goal 5: Strategic realignment of WMO structure and programmes for effective policy, decision-making, and implementation.

LGT5 report 

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