HMEI Award for Young Engineers

The bi-annual Association of Hydro-Meteorological Industry (HMEI) Award for Young Engineers, established in 2013, aims to encourage young engineers/scientists working on development in hydrometeorology and on other environmental systems and services in HMEI member companies. 

HMEI Award for Young Engineers

The HMEI Award honours young engineers, not exceeding the age of 35 at the time of nomination, for outstanding work that has been published either in a scientific journal, a significant technical report, a project report or as summary of a successfully defended PhD thesis or that has been granted a patent.

HMEI promotes the views of private industry providers of products and services in the meteorological, hydrological, environmental and related fields. It is fully accredited to WMO and other UN organizations and actively facilitates interaction and communication between its members and a broad range of international and national organizations, both governmental and private, for the mutual benefit of all parties.

The HMEI Award for Young Engineers consists of:

  • a citation certificate
  • a medal
  • an amount of 3 000 Swiss francs that can be shared between co-authors

Guidelines for HMEI Award for Young Engineers

CEO’s, COO’s, General Managers or Departmental/Division Managers of HMEI Member companies are invited every two years to submit a maximum of two nominations to the HMEI Secretariat. The HMEI Council nominates three individuals to act as assessors and form the Selection Committee, whom shall not be eligible for the award.

Each submission will evaluated with equal weight on:

  • Significance of Topic
  • Novelty of Ideas
  • Validity of the Methods
  • Value of the Results
  • Quality of Presentation

The independent results from each Assessor shall be submitted simultaneously to the Chair of the HMEI Council and the HMEI Executive Secretary, whom will notify the HMEI Council of the individual results from all Assessors and average scores for all submissions. The award winner shall be the candidate obtaining the highest Average score from all marks of the assessors on the Selection Committee.  If two or more candidates tie for top place, the award shall be split equally between all such candidates.

For more information: Association of Hydro-Meteorological Industry (HMEI)