Climate Science for a Sustainable Future: The Kigali Declaration

(Asia/Dubai: 03 Декабря 2023, 11:45 - 13:00)
Прошедшее событие

The WCRP Open Science Conference brought together the climate, environment, and related communities from around the world to discuss urgently needed developments in climate science and to explore the important transformative actions urgently needed to ensure a sustainable future for societies and life on Earth. Taking place at a critical moment in Earth’s history, this side event will present and discuss the outcomes of the conference. Thereby the side event will highlight needed advances and challenges in observing and predicting the the coupled Earth System and will discuss major related themes including advances in climate research, human interactions with climate, and the need for co-produced climate services and solutions.  

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A man wearing glasses and a blue tie.
Detlef Stammer, Chair, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee
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A woman wearing glasses and a purple shirt.
Kristie Ebi, Professor, Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHanGE) in the School of Public Health, University of Washington
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A man in a white shirt sitting at a podium.
Pierre Friedlingstein, Officer of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee
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A man with glasses and a beard is standing in front of a white wall.
Bruce Hewitson, Director, Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa
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An asian woman in a suit poses for a photo.
Lai-Yung (Ruby) Leung, Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM)
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A man standing in front of a server room.
Francisco Doblas-Reyes, ICREA Research Professor, Department of Earth Sciences of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
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A woman in glasses is smiling in front of a tree.
Jana Sillmann, Professor of Climate Extremes at the University of Hamburg (Germany)
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